Welcome to ConnCAN’s 2015 Annual Report!

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF ADVOCACY, TOGETHER   Thanks to you, the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now celebrated its 10th year of advocacy in 2015. Your commitment to a future where every child has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential has led to a decade of championing student-focused policies that ensure all our children […]

Halting a Moratorium on Great Schools

Halting a Moratorium on Great Schools   No child should be unfairly denied access to a great school that could change his or her life. Despite the fact that thousands of Connecticut parents are demanding greater access to quality public schools, and despite the evidence that many public schools of choice are delivering excellent results, […]

Expanding Access To Great Schools

The Largest Ever Rally At The Capitol   For 10 years, ConnCAN has fought to make sure that all children, regardless of their families’ income or the color of their skin, have the opportunity to choose a high-quality public school that works best for them. In cities like Bridgeport, Hartford, Stamford and New Haven, students […]

Pushing For Progress On School Turnarounds

Strengthening our Efforts to Turn Around our Lowest-Performing Schools   Despite our progress in recent years, Connecticut continues to have some of the largest achievement gaps in the nation. For decades, our state has struggled to narrow and ultimately close the gaps between our students of color and children in poverty and their white and […]

Engaging our Neighbors

ConnCAN Launch of Community Engagement Efforts   To truly improve our public schools, change must be driven by our communities. This year, ConnCAN launched grassroots engagement efforts in the cities of New Haven, Hamden and Norwalk. Led by a team of dynamic new community organizers, the three-city program is aimed at ensuring ConnCAN’s future efforts […]

Community Conversation Series

Sparking The Dialogue In Our Communities   ConnCAN’s Community Engagement team hosted a series of successful community conversations that allowed state leaders to hear directly from constituents on issues related to education. Community conversations create opportunities to understand concerns of parents and students and are designed to spark action towards equal access to an excellent […]

Launching the 2015 Field Guide to Education

Your Personal Compass To All Things Education   Knowledge is power. That’s why ConnCAN works to make education data accessible for parents, educators, advocates and policymakers. Our advocacy is fueled by research and data on what works for students, and we want to make sure that this information is in the hands of those who […]

8% Isn’t Enough: Minority Teacher Recruitment

Supporting Educators of Color   In the 2015 legislative session, ConnCAN and partners worked tirelessly to ensure that children have the opportunity to learn from excellent teachers and school leaders who mirror the richness of diversity of them and their peers. Recent data shows that we have a lot of work to do to meet this […]

Getting #RDYCT

ConnCAN’s Parent Resource for SBAC Information   Today’s students need to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges. To ensure our children get a great education they can count on, we must give all students the opportunity to reach and exceed high standards that set them up for success in college and career.  For decades, students, particularly […]

Starting Strong

Launch Of A New Policy Pillar   As this year’s National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores revealed, Connecticut continues to struggle with some of the largest achievement gaps in the country.  If we are serious about closing these gaps, we must recognize that these gaps start early and make sure our youngest students get the […]

Where We Stand: The 2015 NAEP Results

The 2015 NAEP Results & Analysis   2015 ConnCAN NAEP Analysis from ConnCAN As always, ConnCAN generated a quick analysis of this year’s National Assessment of Educational  Progress (NAEP) scores. NAEP is our best means of looking at our state’s academic performance within a national context. These scores allowed us to see how Connecticut has […]

Looking Forward

I hope you enjoyed revisiting the highlights from our 10th year of advocacy in our annual report. It was a year of many firsts in our push for great schools for all students across our state. Your support made our first decade of work possible and opened up more opportunities for students to get the […]